Hey! My name is Atif. I'm a software designer and developer based in New York City.

I am a product designer at MongoDB, Inc. Previously, I had the pleasure of designing for companies such as Paramount Pictures, Microsoft, Dell, AT&T, and many more.

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  • Vocalizer: Help Others Pronounce Your Name Correctly

    When I first meet people, they almost always misprounounce my first name. I don't blame them! It's a tricky one if you've never heard it before. Here's how I solved that problem with a little bit of code.

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  • The Master Prototype

    The gap between designers and developers is closing in. In this post, I make a case for why product design teams should work from one code-based, master prototype.

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  • Giving Meaning to Apple Live Photos

    Over the holiday weekend, my wife and I took some family photos. There was a particular photo of us that she really, really liked - but when the photo was taken, she blinked and her eyes were caught in a slightly closed state. Of course.

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  • On 'Should Designers Code'

    Yes, I’m going to chime in on a topic that I know we’re all probably really tired of hearing and talking about. I’m not writing this because I feel that there aren’t already some valuable and insightful answers to this question, but because I believe this a rather complex question.

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Case studies on these projects to come!